Linux and Open Source

Environment variables
Using time zones on Linux
X keyboard layouts
Remapping keycodes with XKB
Linux packaging
Producing conflicting alternate RPM packages
How to quickly rebuild a distro kernel module
A plan for the completion of multi-byte support in coreutils
Interesting and confusing edge cases with coreutils
Tools and techniques used to test coreutils
UNIX tools and techniques for multi-processing
A description of the coreutils numfmt utility
Descriptions of the 3 types of links on UNIX
How to replace a file at the UNIX command line
Making GNU sort easier to use
X (linux) clipboard usage
Fontconfig and fixed size fonts
Making the most of colour on text consoles
Simple virtualization using chroot
chrooting to a loopback mounted file system
Linux project release process
Open Source project Quality
The Open Source society
Proprietary software is just Firmware
Detaching and sharing terminal sessions using screen
Details of grub on the PC
Using linux to update the BIOS
Finding possibly deleted data on a disk device
Thunderbird 3 Review
Reading Twitter in Thunderbird
A pacemaker-cloud and openstack example
The life of an OpenStack libvirt image
Searching the Fedora source online
Fedora 7 Review
Fedora 8 Review
Fedora 11 Review
Fedora 14 Review
Fedora 15 Review
Fedora 16 Review
Fedora 21 Review

Web Stuff

Techniques for command line monitoring of web server logs
Techniques for command line analysis of web server logs
How to generate a feed automatically from static web content
Notes about
Using google app engine for blog comments
Open source Windows apps for web publishing
Combating the AVG linkscanner

General Tech

Benchmarking pitfalls and techniques
The importance of appropriate defaults
UTF-8 and ASCII programming elegance
Unicode utilities
Unicode notes
DVD-VR application format
Converting a DVD to audio cassette
The chinese gender ratio puzzle
Plotting global warming with gnuplot
Screen considerations for document display
Wireless security issues
Online Reliability Calculator
Online Percentage Change Calculator
Notes on the reliability of laptop drives and RAID
The changing memory hierarchy
Digital image manipulation
DNS options for home internet users
Replacing an AC-DC power adapter
Maintaining correct threading in emails
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