It's been a while since my last upgrade and there has also been a gap to the latest Fedora 21 release, so now seemed like a good time. I upgraded my laptop by installing over the existing root partition but leaving the /home partition in place to maintain all my settings and files. I wasn't able to even attempt this in the Fedora 16 installer, but it was easy enough in the Fedora 21 installer and it worked surprisingly well. Downtime was only 20 minutes or so for the installation, though a couple of hours was needed to investigate various new settings etc.

So after a week of use here is my review compared to Fedora 16.
In summary, the distro is more polished and stable and I'm glad I upgraded.

The good

The bad

The ugly

Miscellaneous notes

I found it difficult to find some of the gsettings values above, but found this technique useful: $ gsettings list-schemas | grep -Fi $keyword; gsettings list-recursively $promising_schema

I have a custom script that I run at resume time to spindown an unused hard disk (that the system spins up at a very low level). Previously this was run from the /etc/pm/sleep.d/ directory. Even though this directory is present, it's ignored in the systemd setup as the pm-utils hooks are no longer run. We probably should therefore remove the directory from the filesystem package. Options to fix this are described in Debian bug 744753. I also editied /etc/smartmontools/smartd.conf to not scan (spinup) all devices by default.

As part of this upgrade I switched back from chrome to firefox because:

Note firefox had an issue with missing titles in URL bar dropdown, which was fixed by disabling the delicious addon. Also the tweetdeck app I used for chrome was transitioned to the equivalent firefox tweetdeck app, and that running app could be seamlessly integrated with the gnome desktop by clicking "add to favorites" on gnome shell icon to persist as a "desktop" app.
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