I again skipped the last 2 Fedora releases on my laptop as I was worried that, the instability to new functionality ratio would be too high. I took the plunge with Fedora 14 though as the Intel i915 video drivers seem to have stabilised a lot lately, and it seems there will be lots of change in F15. I installed to a new partition rather than upgrading the existing F11, both to have a fall back and to help eliminate cruft.

I've also finally decided to leave SELinux enabled, to see can I endure the annoyance. For example here is what I had to do to allow apache to serve from a directory under my user's home dir, which is surely a very common requirement.

setsebool -P httpd_enable_homedirs=1
chcon --reference=/var/www ~/mydir
restorecon -R ~/mydir
chmod a+x ~ # not SELinux related, but allow apache process traverse my $HOME

So after a couple of weeks use, here is my review compared to Fedora 11.
In summary, things are getting a lot better!

The good

The bad

The ugly

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