Various (LGPLv2) scripts that I've created (ordered by popularity).
These have only been tested on linux, but most should work on any UNIX.
For development history see

lAn enhanced and more portable `ls -l`shell
ps_mem.pylist processes by memory usagepython
crudinihandle ini files from shellpython
findrepofind a string in a repository working copyshell
newestlist newest (modified) files in treeshell
timeoutrun a command with a timeoutshell
truncatetruncate a file to the specified sizeshell
split_torun a command with chunks of inputshell
swsimple command line stopwatch scriptshell
gcccpuoptget optimum gcc options for your CPUshell
whatrequireslist reverse dependencies on rpm or deb distrospython
fixedit a file while not changing the modification timeshell
ansi2html.shconvert ANSI colours to HTMLshell
errnoshow all errnos or meaning of specified errnoshell
inpyenhanced python interactive introspectionpython
dutopbetter dupython
addsum a column of numbers. See also funcpyshell
find_mm_yyyylist files last modified in mm yyyyshell
disk_grepfind a string in a disk deviceshell
idiffcolour diff output for easy reviewshell
urldiffcompare URLs directlyshell
svndiffreview svn repo changes with graphical diff viewershell
xchat_warnpopup message when referenced directly in xchatpython
ximkeysshow keys available in X to generate a characterpython
lomount.shloopback mount partitions within a disk image fileshell
tcpdump_not_meAllow running tcpdump on remote system over sshshell
ccodeslist country codes in locale databaseshell
ansi_colours.shdisplay all ANSI coloursshell
funcpyfunctional command line toolkitpython
bcinvoke bc with some useful functions predefinedbc
getpwShows how to securely prompt for a passwordshell
command_prompt_hereOpen a terminal in current/selected directory in nautiluspython
xfullmagStart xmag full screen with specified magnificationshell
sysinfoshow a quick summary of system hardwareshell
human.pyconvert numbers for human consumptionpython
dosfilesfind text files with any CRLF line terminatorsshell
daydisplay the date for {this,next,last} {mon,tue,...}shell
datedirset date of directory based on contentsshell
lsdateprint date (of file) as ls wouldshell
lsmodeprint file permissions in octal (like chmod accepts)shell
bashfeedgenerate feed for newest files in website (example)shell
threadsafesearch C/C++ files for functions that are not threadsafeshell
mozopen specified file in mozillashell
sematreelock files with semaphore interfaceshell
downloadDownload list of URLs from file with historyshell
quotereformat misquoted mailshell
gen_timelinegenerate page for newest files in website (example)shell
lowercaseefficiently change any uppercase names in treeshell
rmwsremove redundant whitespace from filesshell
convsimple wrapper around unitsshell
self_modify.she.g. script to show self modifyingshell
7sege.g. script to show self referencingshell
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