V0.1    16-02-2007

    Initial release

V0.2    29-03-2007

    Portability fixes
      Fixed up comments to support more compilers
      Removed linux specific mremap() call
      Don't try to use posix_fadvise() where not available
      OS X also defines NTOH[LS], so undef first
      Use utimes(filename) rather than futimes(fd)

V0.3    18-06-2007

    তন্ময় ভট্টাচার্য্য <tanmoy@mindspring•com>:
      Fix random timestamp errors due to uninitialised tm_isdst.

V0.4    14-11-2007

      Allow specifiying a particular program to process,
      rather than all programs.
    Aaron Binns <aaron@randomshiznat•com>:
      Report 480x480 resolution discs, and do better reporting
      for unknown resolutions.
    Peter Van Hove <Peter@Smart-Projects.net>:
      support program label extraction with example code
      and nero generated disc images.
    Craig T. Snydal <ctsnydal@cantab.net>:
    Rafa Couto <rafacouto@gmail•com>:
      Generate globally unique filenames using timestamps,
      rather than just program_1.vob, program_2.vob, ...

V0.5    09-04-2008

    Javier Sedano <Javier.Sedano@gmail•com>:
      Tweaks to support the CYGWIN environment.
    Masato Nunokawa <masato.nunokawa@gmail•com>:
      Handle non ASCII encoded labels (e.g. in Japanese Kanji).
      Provided disc images to test audio attribute and Kanji.
      Mac OS X testing.
    Kyosuke Tokoro <altair8800@livedoor•com>:
      Provided Kanji encoded disc images to test.
      Handle case where programs can have duplicate timestamps.
      Tweaks to support compiler optimization.
      Fix FSF postal address.
      Support 2 channel mono audio attribute.
      Portability support for iconv() usage.
      Don't exit if error opening a particular vob file.

V0.5.1  10-04-2008

      Fix error pointed out by Kyosuke Tokoro where random
      trailing characters could be printed after each title.

V0.6    03-06-2008

      Support text encoding of ISO-8859-1 as well as SHIFT-JIS.
      Support finding labels on discs that don't write full
      info about programs contained in each program set.
      Skip & report unreadable blocks rather than just exiting.
      Fix crash when skipping already existing vob files.

V0.7    21-07-2008

    Kevin Veroneau <kveroneau@yourwinnipeg•net>:
      Provided disc images and testing to better support
      extracting labels from LG V1.1 discs which have unusual
      identification of program titles.
    Bruce Jerrick <bmj001@ippimail•com>:
      Fix munmap() issue where memory wasn't unmapped correctly.
      Rename structure members in code to aid understanding.
      Include a more efficient data streaming method, which
      may be enabled in future.

V0.8    04-11-2008

    Bruce Jerrick <bmj001@ippimail•com>:
      More decoding of the global disc info structure,
      including outputting of the textual disc info fields.
      Support name#001.vob filename format with "-n name" option.
      Support writing vob data to stdout with the "-n-" option.
      Introduce the --help and --version long options.
      Add more error checking to command line parameters.
      Provided a make install target and a man page.

V0.8.1  09-11-2008

      Fix a string comparison compile warning which was _not_
      issued on linux with gcc 4.1.2 or Max OS X at least.

V0.8.4  20-11-2008

    তন্ময় ভট্টাচার্য্য <tanmoy@mindspring•com>:
      Work around older gcc toolchains overwriting /dev/null
      Change Makefile to use `cp -p` not `cp -a` for Mac OS X.

V0.9    23-02-2009

    Kyosuke Tokoro <altair8800@livedoor•com>:
      Output program numbers so one can easily know what
       to pass as the correct index to the -p option.
      Fix error reported by Antoni Kasper <agkasper@pacific•net•au>
       where extracting VOBs starting after 4.2GB into a VRO file,
       would actually extract video within the 4.2GB (2^32) range.
      Remove compiler warnings on systems without iconv support.
      Allow specifying CFLAGS parameter to `make`.
      Modify video to apply aspect ratio from IFO index file.
      Modify video to use more standard aspect ratio encoding.

V0.9.1  25-02-2009

    তন্ময় ভট্টাচার্য্য <tanmoy@mindspring•com>:
      Fix compilation on Mac OS X (CHAR_BIT requires limits.h)

V0.9.3  15-10-2009

      Identify the system charset better on cygwin 1.5 which
       doesn't support the standard codset determination mechanism.
       Reported by http://pythonlife.seesaa.net/
      Identify and abort extracting CPRM encrypted discs.
       Report and sample disc from Stephen Stewart <funaki2008@googlemail•com>
      Don't override CC environment variable so that ccache, clang, etc. work

V0.9.4  15-02-2010

    Helen Buss <mythtv@hbuus•com>:
      Fix compilation on cyqwin without libiconv (always include langinfo.h).
      Report and provided sample disc image for CPRM misdetection.
    Alexander Skwar <alexander@skwar•name>:
      Add support for building Mac OS X universal binaries.
      Fix CPRM detection, which must be done per program rather than per disc.
      Fix label (program set) identification on discs that indicate
       programs other than the first in the set as the first program to play.
       Report and sample disc from Markus Laker <markus@mnslaker•f9•co•uk>.
      Added a "[label]" parameter to the --name option,
       to generate (sanitized) file names based on the title, or label.

V0.9.6  18-02-2010

      Fix compilation on Mac OS X. Reported by Eyal.
      Suppress posix_fadvise warnings when writing to stdout.
        Reported by Kyosuke Tokoro.

V0.9.7  24-08-2010

      Identify partially encrypted programs.
       Panasonic (sky) recorders were seen to leave 15s of video unscrambled.
       Report and sample video from Colin Wall <colin•wall@clear•net•nz>.
      Fix modification of Sequence Display Extensions in MPEG streams.
       Creating inconsistent SDEs breaks gstreamer based players at least.
       Report and sample video from Zhaohui Wang <carbon_60@yahoo•com>.
      Fix strndup() which may have accessed out of bounds memory.