These are a few of the "incidents" that happened while working at antefacto and lincor.
All of them are true.

Date Victim Details
08/04/2001 Garda I got reports of a disturbance at 101 parnell street, which was apparently due
to one of the employees (a Mr. Glen Gray) roaring after loosing at foozeball
07/08/2001 Killian Excessive tickling
07/08/2001 Padraig roared at me for no reason
08/08/2001 Padraig Tickled me on sides without warning
08/08/2001 Killian more excessive tickling
08/08/2001 Padraig roared at me again (really loud!)
10/08/2001 Padraig Jumped out from behind the door, and scared the shit out of me
22/08/2001 John Glen kicked me softly in the perineum when I was trying to play with the frigits
22/08/2001 Stephane I said "it was hard to get it up" (referring to a sentinel). Glen laughed and then everyone did
23/08/2001 Greg John (filling in for Glen's absence) sent a shock down the back of my neck with a lighter ignitor.
This actually then travelled down my headphones and nearly fried my soundcard, which required a machine
powerdown to get working again!
20/09/2001 Woman in fabric shop After comming back from seeing "Planet of the Apes", Glen (I think that's his name)
started to make this horrific screaming sound that I later realised was an Ape impression.
Needless to say I was very afraid for a moment.
03/10/2001 Killian Kicked my desk (very hard) (and for no reason)
05/10/2001 Killian/John He was humping our chairs (while we were sitting in them!),
and only stopped when Conor saw him.
22/10/2001 Killian Repeated small incidents by Glen provoked me into hanging (yes by the neck), a stuffed Penguin
using an ethernet cable, from Glen's chair while he was away from his desk. Needless to say this
resulted in more harassment :-(.
23/10/2001 Glen Constant logging of incidents to this database is causing high levels
of stress for me. I mean I know I'm a bit of a joker but these make me out
to be a bully. Which I'm definately not. So if these incidents continue I'll
beat the hell out of the db admin.
23/10/2001 Everybody Padraig kept eating weird smelly food, stinking up the whole office, making us all sick.
14/12/2001 Killian Stephane told me that he knew where my family lived (in a threatening manor). -- This is just after he threatened to use a chair to beat me through the wall of the kitchen.
8/1/2002 Killian Stephane asked me if I ever jumped out a window (then he offered to help me do so).
20/3/2002 Killian and Glen John faked a cvs message from Killian saying:
"glen is a wanker"
Glen got offended by the lower case 'g', and blamed Killian.
20/3/2002 Padraig This database has obviously been compromised, so we're going underground
As of Nov 2005 I am working with Glen again (at lincor), so this table may need to be updated...
1/2/2006 Padraig I needed to get a new laptop due to a car hitting it (while it was on my back).
Glen added to my distress by stating that my new laptop looked metrosexual, when everyone knows I have no aesthetic sense.
I think he was trying to divert attention away from his new gay MacBook Pro with accompanying man bag.
15/2/2007 Padraig Greg said "glen when friends hug they keep their hands above the equator"
Glen added "but his buns are so pert !" (referring to me).
12/12/2008 Padraig Daniel said he has a picture of me on his bedroom ceiling, and Greg added
that he uses my picture as a face mask in this bedroom (he has a mirrored ceiling apparently). Ugh :(
23/03/2009 Padraig Greg edited my /etc/hosts file and said he'd registered as a "tribute" site for me.
I was very stressed for a while, until I realised the dodgy content was not public.