I enjoyed EuroPython 2012. It was my first time attending and I was honored to be presenting in the largest conference room with a 90 minute slot. The talk was well attended with about 250 present, which was good considering the 9AM slot and the previous evening's pybeer event :)

I also manned the Red Hat table outside the conference rooms, and was impressed with the interest and depth of questions about OpenStack, many from people actively using it.

Unfortunately the sound wasn't broadcast for the first 11m40s, but you can see a summary in the slides at least. The video below will start at that point.

You can also see me giving much the same talk at Pycon Ireland 2012

Presentation - odp (1M)

Presentation - pdf (900K)

Nova package dependencies - svg (200K)

(paraphrased) questions and answers

Q.What's the best way to install at present?
A.There are various methods depending on your usage. If you have a complicated multinode setup, then necessarily you'll need to install in a more granular fashion. There is a lot of recent work in various Linux distros, to improve to packaging to simplify this. Also there are good upstream install docs and at the Fedora wiki at least there are detailed instructions. For simpler single node setups for developing or testing, you could use the devstack scripts or scripts like openstack-demo-install.

Q.What issue tracking system is used?
A.launchpad, which is integrated with gerrit. When patches come through, the bugs in launchpad are automatically updated.

Q.What quality control is done at each 4 week milestone?
A.The questioner must have known something of the OpenStack dev process as I didn't specifically mention the milestone integration points in the talk. I fluffed the answer a bit, but got the main point across that the milestone is mainly for downstream consumers to get timely testing done on particular features.

Q.How do you handle such a large project?
A.Well it's not that large really. It's a well structured project so you don't have to get your head around all of it and can easily concentrate on a particular area. You shouldn't feel intimidated as the community is very welcoming to new contributors.

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