I've had some tech related good news lately.

I work for lincor (Linux Cork), and we've been recognised as Ireland's fastest growing hi-tech company, with aggregate revenue growth of 10π times over the last 5 years. Hopefully we'll keep that rate going :)
We've now got over 10,000 linux terminals installed worldwide.

In other personal tech news, I've recently been appointed as GNU coreutils co-maintainer.
I'll primarily be working on enhancing them to be multibyte aware.
From: "Richard M. Stallman" 
To: Padraig Brady 
Subject: Maintaining coreutils
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 09:47:21 -0400

I hereby appoint you as co-maintainer of GNU coreutils.
Finally, I noticed that www.pixelbeat.org has got into the top 10 of Irish blogs ordered by delicious bookmarks.
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