Search termThe trick
recursion Did you mean: recursion?
answer to life, the universe and everything 42
anagram Did you mean: nag a ram?
tilt tilts the display
askew ditto
do a barrel roll does a barrel roll
z or r twice ditto
define anagram Did you mean: nerd fame again?
Let It Snow Falling flakes cover results (only during xmas)
xmas Coloured lights are shown (only during xmas)
hexadecimal Results count shown in hex
binary Results count shown in binary
octal Results count shown in octal
conways game of life simulation shown on search background
Bacon number <name> Calculates the Bacon number for <name>
zerg rush O's eat the results. Click to kill
kerning keming kerning and keming are spacing adjusted
do the harlem shake Youtube search animates to accordingly
ponies Youtube search shows ponies (geek week)
use the force luke Youtube search results shimmer (geek week)
beam me up scotty Youtube search results materialize (geek week)
fibonacci Youtube preview vids appropriately sized (geek week)
defender in any youtube video type 1980 to begin (geek week)
change youtube comments to leetspeak type 1337 (geek week)
atari breakout play breakout (only in image search)
ascii art Google logo is in ascii art
comic sans Results in comic sans (if installed)
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