Over the recent holidays I noticed dosbox and decided to give it a whirl with my old DOS games which I first played 20 years ago, on my first PC (386 DX 20MHz, 2MB RAM, 80MB HD).

It was very easy to install on my Linux system using yum install dosbox, and then I just ran it and accessed my games with mount c ~/dosgames. Dosbox does a great job of scaling up graphics to the full screen resolution which can be toggled with AltEnter.

I think the games below still look great, and all have great playability which my kids have now confirmed. I'm amazed at how small these games are now, with blockout compressing to 116KB for e.g. You can click on the non scaled 320x200 screenshots below for video demos of these great games.

Xenon 2 Gods
Lemmings Prince of Persia
Indianapolis 500 Skyroads
Blockout Scorched Earth
© Jan 10 2011