"toggle window fullscreen" is unbound. I bind this to
Alt+F11 by default (F11 is used by galeon/mozilla/...
to toggle their special fullscreen modes. Also windowlab
uses the same binding for this).

To add global keybindings (to start a particular application
for e.g.), you need to use gconf-editor to edit the
appropriate items in:

Alt+Tabcycle through windows on workspace using icons 
Alt+Esccycle through windows on workspace by bringing to foregroundyou can combine this with Alt+Tab
Ctrl+Alt+{Left,Right,Up,Down}Change workspace 
Alt+LeftMouse_movemove windowanywhere in window
Shift+Alt+LeftMouse_movemove window while snapping to windows/desktop borderanywhere in window
Alt+MiddleMouse_moveresize windowdirection dependent on part of window clicked
MiddleMouse_clicksend to backgroundtitlebar only
LeftMouse_clicksend to foregroundtitlebar only
Alt+LeftMouse_clicksend to foregroundanywhere in window
Alt+F4Close windowI change this to Alt+x
PrtScTake screenshot of desktopAlt+PrtSc to take focused window
© Jul 15 2004